Crocodile Cloth Original - 100, 10" X 15" Cleaning Wipes. Large, Moist, Absorbent and Disposable Cleaning Cloths. Safe on Skin and Multiple Surfaces.

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  • MORE EFFECTIVE, MORE VALUE: These giant 15" x 10" cloths are designed to scrub and absorb, meaning you need less wipes to clean the same mess. If you need more than one wipe for a mess you need to move on to Crocodile Cloth
  • DON'T JUST CLEAN. ATTACK: Designed to dissolve and absorb grease, oil, paint, ink, caulk, glue, and automotive messes in real work environments. Our wipes stay moist longer and feature a super tough heavy-duty build
  • HAND SAFE: Our wipes are dermatological tested and infused with aloe and vitamin E to be safe for hands while eating through grease and oil. Every disposable cloth will stay wet outside the package for over an hour.
  • MULTIPURPOSE QUICK ACTION: We use a unique low-foaming degreaser formula that's safe for nearly any surface. Great for plastic, vinyl, metal, wood, leather, gym equipment, carpets, bamboo, fabrics, and more.
  • NO MORE WIMPY WIPES: These oversized cloth wipes aren't just tough on messes, they're incredibly strong. Crocodile Cloth is designed to be over 4x more effective than the standard wipe. Each package includes 100 alcohol free wipes.